Battery storage

upgrades for solar power plants

Increase the profitability of your solar power plant

The energy market is changing constantly. The existing power network infrastructure is not prepared for decentralised and volatile power generation through renewable energies, and regularly reaches its limits. In order to be prepared for future market changes, BELECTRIC is expanding existing plants with large-scale battery storage technology now.

BELECTRIC has been selling battery storage primarily as a decentralised unit for stabilising electricity grids since 2012. BELECTRIC is now also opening up this market for solar power plant operators and has developed a storage upgrade that can be used to equip all existing and newly built plants. In addition to trading in classic solar power, plant operators also sell the stored energy as instantly available balancing power for example, at attractive prices.

Retrofit your PV plant:

Suitable for all existing plants built by BELECTRIC (from year of construction: 2008)



solar power plant upgrade with battery



Reduction in operational risk

  • Minimisation of revenue losses due to feed-in bans by the grid operator
  • Reduction of marketing risks in the energy market and assurance of attractive selling prices
  • Investment-proof also in case of changing market regulations (MV/HV connection directives, in particular VDE AR 4210)
  • Low retrofit costs due to BELECTRIC plug & play system

Increased returns


New markets

  • Attractive direct marketing of active and reactive power
  • Remuneration for future grid services with decentralised battery storage
Battery Storage Hybrid

Technical integration in your BELECTRIC solar power plant


The combination of environmentally friendly solar power and a large storage system transforms solar power plants into round-the-clock power plants – driven by free energy from the sun.

On the basis of the tried-and-tested BELECTRIC system design, our engineers have developed a storage system for existing and new plants, which can be integrated in the solar power plant with minimal installation effort.

BELECTRIC existing systems satisfy all technical requirements

DC or AC-side coupling of the battery storage possible

State-of-the-art technology on the basis of lithium-ion batteries and intelligently controlled power electronics

Full integration in existing O&M package included, and 24/7 remote monitoring

Trained and experienced in-house service team

All operational guarantees remain unaffected

One technical point of contact for solar and battery storage power plant

Photovoltaic parallel operation of
BELECTRIC battery storage:
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Are you already a direct seller, or are you seeking new sales markets for your solar power? Expand your market portfolio to include regional energy. You can reach our battery storage experts on +49 9385 9804-0, or at