Utility-scale Battery Storage Systems

Energy storage will make an important contribution to the stability of future power grids which have a significant share of renewable energy. It will become more important as the renewable energy share will get larger in the future energy mix.

The main areas of application of a storage unit are: Permanent frequency regulation, peak-shaving at high load or high feed-in periods, allocation of regulation energy for national grid operators as well as continual energy provision for off-grid applications. The BELECTRIC LION EBU (Energy Buffer Unit) is optimized for these applications and is designed for maximal scalability and flexibility. It can be adapted for today’s and tomorrow’s needs at local or national power grids, guaranteeing a stable grid, and even allowing more renewable energy in the near future.


Sustainable, safe and fast as lightning. The BELECTRIC EBU  delivers 1300 kW of power to your grid within a fraction of a second.



LION EBU Datasheet


  • Comprehensive warranties over 10 or 20 years. Guaranteed bankability.
  • Rise of output power from 0 to 100% in 55ms
  • Up to 4,016kWh battery capacityup to 1,500V system voltage
  • Battery cell equilibration is integrated in Battery Management System
  • High packing ration ► low BoS cost and headroom for replenishment
  • Fully diagnosable local SCADA and central SCADA interface
  • Full integrated battery controller for inverter, BMS, HVAC, safety and data storage
  • Supplied with cost saving outdoor SKID solution for inverter and transformer
  • Optional: Value adding grid stabilization services and functional upgrades
    (black start, island operation, virtual inertia)
  • Optional: BELECTRIC’s fully automated EMS to provide primary and secondary frequency response (pre-qualified scheme with several European TNOs), enhanced frequency response (EFR), RoCoF response, load shifting, peak shaving, point following and others