Social Media Post from May 07, 2024

Our solar ABC: B for…? ☀️

We always keep you up to date with news from the solar industry. In doing so, we often use technical terms such as mono- or bifacial. But what is behind these terms? In our little solar plant ABC, we would like to shed some light on the subject and explain the most important terms relating to PV systems!💡

🔴 B for bifacial #solarmodule
A distinction is made between bifacial and monofacial solar modules. Bifacial modules are much more effective than monofacial solar modules. As the name suggests, they can absorb solar radiation from both sides - the front and back of the module. This increases the efficiency. Our PV system in Kleinlangheim (Germany) is equipped with bifacial modules, for example. Here, we are also testing a special substructure that minimises the shading of the solar modules from the rear to achieve an even higher electricity yield.🔌