BELECTRIC creates trust

We are aware of our social role and our responsibility towards customers, business partners, shareholders and employees. This is why we have a set of clear principles in our Code of Conduct that define how we conduct our business and social activities. We expect the same of our partners. The ten principles contained in our code of conduct also form the basis for establishing common standards in our collaboration with business partners and suppliers and therefore are a part of all contractual relationships.

Global Tax Policy

For us, paying legal taxes not only means complying with the law, we also see our tax payments as a fair contribution to financing and developing the community in all the countries and regions in which we are successful as a business. We therefore see it as part of our social responsibility to make our tax activities as transparent as possible and to disclose them within the legally prescribed framework.

Report if you notice anything!

Whether you are a customer, business partner or employee of BELECTRIC: If you notice something that does not comply with the BELECTRIC Code of Conduct, we expressly ask for your help. Report things that seem odd or suspicious to you. This can be done either directly with our compliance contact person or with our external, neutral ombudsman Dr. Johannes Dilling (+49 221 933 107 40, In both cases, absolute confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed. The request will be carefully examined and anonymity can be maintained if desired.

Our role model function

Like a lighthouse, we always try to be signposts, giving orientation to those who look up to us. We are aware of our responsibility. That is why we have a set of rules which gives us stability and guides our actions: our Code of Conduct. In it, we commit to compliance and integrity towards people and the environment, but also in relation to the development of sustainable relationships. Also not to be forgotten: the protection of information and assets.


Our contact person

Christina Hauck
BELECTRIC Compliance-Officer

+49 9385 5489-069