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BELECTRIC – a member of Elevion Group

The Elevion Group is one of Europe ‘s leading ESCO providers for all tasks related to the intelligent use of energy. With its focus on integrated energy services (ESCO), the Elevion Group delivers solutions that seamlessly combine sustainable CO2 reduction, continuous increase in energy efficiency, significant savings in energy costs, renewable energy systems and all areas of technical building equipment (TGA) and services.

Elevion Group combines the medium-sized companies that offer highly flexible, powerful, and accessible 360° energy services and solutions with the financial strength of the controlling international holding company.

With currently 60 consolidated companies and more than 4,700 employees, the Elevion Group operates in 12 countries – including Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, and Romania. In 2021 we realized over 6000 projects and generated total revenues of over €889 million.

Elevion Group – Maximum energy for individual solutions.