Our vision

For a brighter future

The goal of our everyday work is to ensure a climate-friendly energy generation to future generations. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to enable the production of solar power in the most diverse places in the world. That is why we are always working on new and innovative photovoltaic solutions.

Mastering the energy transition together

Project by project, we at BELECTRIC are driving forward the European energy transition. Our goal is to establish a climate-friendly energy generation as an alternative to fossil energy sources. To achieve this goal, we particularly rely on large-scale solar power plants.

Clean energy generation for future generations 

In times of rampant climate change, a CO2-neutral, clean energy generation is essential to guarantee a future worth living to coming generations. We see solar power as an important lever to achieve this goal.

Economic solar power in all of Europe

In order to master the energy transition, it must be possible to generate solar power in all European countries. We have accepted this challenge and are always working on innovative photovoltaic solutions. In addition, we constantly develop new business models.