Social Media Post from May 03, 2023

Meet our O&M colleagues: The monitoring Team 🖥📈

Our monitoring team from the Operations & Maintenance department always keeps an eye on our installed solar farms. 🔆👀

In our in-house Control Room, Monika, Ali, Michael, Raphael (from left), Zoltan (via TEAMS in picture) and Kinga (2nd picture) are currently monitoring 207 PV systems with a total output of more than one gigawatt. Monika and Kinga are mainly responsible for the analysis of key figures and the preparation of reports. For a single PV plant alone, around 1 million values have to be analysed. If issues occur in a solar plant, Michael, Ali and Zoltan are the first contact persons. They deal with error and data analysis. Additionally, they do everything they can to eliminate faults remotely. As team lead, Raphael always keeps track of things. With more than 11 years in #teambelectric, there is one thing he especially appreciates about his job: "Team spirit is a great motivator here. I get to feel that especially when we work on the error analysis of a system as a team, find solutions together, and get the solar farm up and running again."

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