Floating PV systemsBattery storage meets PV

Floating photovoltaic systems are state-of-the-art. In terms of design, floating PV systems are similar to solar power plants on land. However, each module must be mounted individually on a floating platform. The system is connected to the shore by floating, seawater-resistant power cables. A system of anchors and moorings ensures that the floating photovoltaic power plant is held in position.

With benchmark projects such as our floating PV systems at Gan HaShomron or Ma’ayan Tzvi, we are now at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry. Our customers benefit from our extensive know-how and proven track record in the floating PV sector.

Experience meets track record

With floating PV systems, we bring our experience as one of the leading EPC providers from the ground to the water. Especially in Israel, one of our main markets, we have proven ourselves at the forefront of a fast-growing industry with several benchmark projects. From complicated on-site conditions to different floating structures, our experts bring extensive know-how around the logistical aspects of floating PV.

Designed for maximum yields

We plan and install our floating PV systems with one goal in mind: Reliable electricity with the highest yields. Therefore, we pay attention to the efficient positioning of inverters and transformers right from the start. This not only saves production costs, but also prevents yield losses. Our system design is always specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements and the conditions on site.

Optimised and safe anchoring

We rely on an optimised and secure anchoring design. Whether under or above water – we are experienced in anchoring a wide variety of floating PV systems. During the construction phase, but also far beyond, the health and safety of everyone involved is particularly important to us. That’s why a strong focus on Health, Safety and the Environment runs through all our company processes.

Advantages of Floating PV


No competition for space

In contrast to conventional solar power plants, no building land needs to be purchased or leased for floating PV systems. The systems therefore do not compete with agricultural use of land.


Despite high population density

Floating PV systems open up completely new opportunities for solar energy for customers in countries with a high population density, where the available building land is highly competitive.


Increased efficiency

The water inherently cools the solar modules. Floating photovoltaic systems can therefore be more efficient than those on land.


Minimised water evaporation

By covering the water surfaces, solar modules can protect affected bodies of water from excessive evaporation. This can prevent water bodies from dying.


High electricity yields

Floating PV systems benefit from significantly less shading of the modules than solar farms on land. This ensures higher electricity yields.


Nature stays nature

Floating PV systems are not usually built in local recreation areas. Instead, the areas used are not accessible to the public anyway. These include quarry ponds, for example.

What defines us

Many years of experience: We bring more than 20 years of solar expertise to every project.

Activities worldwide, at home in Lower Franconia: We are experienced with regional as well as international projects.

Holistic: With us, all steps from development to construction of the PV systems come from a single source.

Carefree package: We even take care of service and maintenance work.