Hybrid PV systemsBattery storage meets PV

Hybrid PV systems are the key to a cost-efficient, stable and sustainable energy supply worldwide. They enable a grid-compatible realisation of the energy transition. This is why we support our customers not only in the field of photovoltaics, but also as a general contractor in the engineering and procurement of battery storage solutions.

We take a holistic approach to integrating different storage solutions into the overall hybrid system. Our PV expertise feeds into all areas of the integration, from construction to grid connection. If you are looking for a combination of the latest solar technology and battery storage, you will find it at BELECTRIC!

Batteriespeichersystem an einer Windanlage

Storage Integration into the Overall System

As a general contractor, we take care of the holistic integration of different storage solutions into the overall system. To this end, we make use of the standard products available on the market. Our PV expertise flows into all areas of integration, from construction to grid connection. We always keep an eye on the optimum business case for you. In this way, we ensure that all components are combined to create an intelligent energy management system.

From pure storage to grid service

Whether AC or DC-coupled systems – we have many years of experience with battery storage systems and look back on a large number of successfully implemented projects. As a competent general contractor, we offer to connect the storage solution to the medium or even high voltage, just as we do for our PV systems. No other service provider needs to be commissioned for this task. In addition, our hybrid systems enable the absorption and release of control power to stabilise the power grid frequency.

Interface to service providers and energy suppliers

As a strong EPC service provider with our own SCADA team, we act as an interface to all partners involved. We are in close contact with our service providers, especially when it comes to safety-related questions. We also handle all coordination with the respective energy supplier or direct marketer.

Advantages of hybrid systems


Grid-compatible energy generation

A combination of solar energy and battery storage makes renewable energies compatible with the grid. The electricity generated can be fed into the grid as required, improving the production profile.


Lucrative investment case

We adapt our hybrid systems to your investment and business case. Among other things, they meet the requirements of the German innovation tender.


Providing grid services

Battery storage systems can not only store energy and feed it back into the grid, but also help to keep the grid frequency stable. This generates additional income for our customers.


What defines us

Many years of experience: We bring more than 20 years of solar expertise to every project.

Activities worldwide, at home in Lower Franconia: We are experienced with regional as well as international projects.

Holistic: With us, all steps from development to construction of the PV systems come from a single source.

Carefree package: We even take care of service and maintenance work.