Innovation & System DesignOur 360 degree PV solution

Floating PV, Agrivoltaics or hybrid systems – we are always on the lookout for innovative photovoltaic applications and integrate these into our product portfolio. We are continuously evaluating new technologies and incorporating suitable ones into the system design of the plants. In order to guarantee maximum efficiency to our customers, we optimise each system individually.

Ziegen vor einer Solaranlage

Innovation Monitoring: Floating PV, Agrivoltaics & more

We proactively monitor the market for innovation. We are continuously evaluating new photovoltaic applications and integrate these into our product portfolio. In the field of floating PV, we are now – with numerous benchmark projects – at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry. As a specialist in solar and battery, we are also well equipped to implement large hybrid systems. In addition, we are working on innovative solutions for Agrivoltaics applications which are in high-demand.

Innovation & System Design: Tracker-Module auf einer Solaranlage in Israel

System Design Optimisation: Planned from our customers’ perspective

We look at system designs from the perspective of our customers and pursue a holistic, simulation-based approach to optimisation. Our experience from the construction and O&M of solar power plants is continuously incorporated into the modeling and evaluation of new designs and configurations. With the help of updated cost databases, professional yield calculations and automated analysis tools, we optimize every project, taking into account all relevant design scenarios. This is how we guarantee maximum profitability to our customers. Rest assured: We are also going to find the optimal design for your business case! From tracking or fixed systems of all kinds to monofacial or bifacial configurations – there are plenty of options. Find out more in our guest contribution in pv magazine.

Solarpark in Tramm-Göthen in Norddeutschland, dahinter klein zu sehen ist ein Dorf

Optimisation as a Service: Consulting & Decision Support

The faster there is clarity regarding the system design, the fewer changes and unnecessary limitations will appear later on. That is why we are happy to advise you in the early stages of project development and support you in the decision-making process. Our simulation-based analyses of all relevant system design configurations play a major role here. They are based on NPV (Net Present Value), IRR (Internal Rate of Return) or LCoE (Levelized Cost of Electricity). In addition, we offer standardisation approaches for project portfolios, basic design layouts / variants as well as market analyses in relation to system designs.


“With our model-based optimisation approach, we are able to quickly evaluate new technologies and PV applications and integrate them into our product portfolio.

Johannes Linder, Head of System Design & Innovation

Innovation & System Design

What defines us

Many years of experience: We bring more than 20 years of solar expertise to every project.

Activities worldwide, at home in Lower Franconia: We are experienced with regional as well as international projects.

Holistic: With us, all steps from development to construction of the PV systems come from a single source.

Carefree package: We even take care of service and maintenance work.