Nature compatibilityA win for biodiversity

Climate and species protection hand in hand: A study by the Association of Energy Market Innovators (BNE) shows that solar parks can contribute to biodiversity. The areas are rarely entered and therefore create places of retreat for endangered animal and plant species. Insects, reptiles and breeding birds in particular can benefit, as the topsoil calms down compared to intensive agricultural use. This especially applies to a nature-friendly design of the solar farms, which we at BELECTRIC attach great importance to. Our systems not only generate environmentally friendly electricity, they also create new habitats, which in turn have a positive effect on neighbouring agricultural land.


6 arguments for solar power plants


Modern solar power plants create valuable habitats for native animal and plant species and improve biodiversity.

100% CO2 free
electricity production

Solar energy is natural and available everywhere. Your electricity is pollution-free and free of ecological risks.

Preserving nature
and topsoil

It has been proven that nature and topsoil recover in comparison to intensive agricultural use.

Low resource

Even in the long run, modern solar power plants cause almost no biological footprint. They are fully deconstructable and recyclable.

yield increase

Solar power plants have been shown to increase the bee population and therefore the agricultural yields of oilseeds and fruit, for example.

Low land

Due to the table-like construction of the solar modules, less than one percent of the area is actually sealed.

Save the bees: What we do

The foundations of our solar modules are rammed, not concreted. As a result, the affected areas are not sealed. Thanks to special seed mixtures for low-growing flowering plants, they can instead become places of retreat for insects, especially wild bees and honey bees. Wild herbs and flowers blossom in the natural course of the year on the areas of our solar parks. Our adapted mowing concepts guarantee that bees will always find an adequate supply of food during the pollination season. Farmers in the area also benefit from the growing bee population. In addition, we do not use any pesticides. Numerous compensatory measures are also part of our nature-friendly implementation. This can include, for example, insect hotels on site at our plants.

Zu sehen ist ein Insektenhotel auf einer 2021 in Betrieb genommenen Solaranlage in Rottendorf, Bayern.

“We have to think about the future with every kilowatt hour that we produce. And solar power is only really sustainable if we generate it in harmony with nature on site.”

Dr. Thorsten Blanke, CEO of BELECTRIC GmbH