Social Media Post from Nov 03, 2023

#teambelectric introduces itself – meet our warehouse team 📦🛠


At BELECTRIC, our colleagues Ronnald, Samir and Christian (from left) make sure that all goods get from A to B smoothly. Christian and Ronnald have been a well-established team for around 14 years now. Samir has been supporting them since the beginning of October and thus completes the warehouse team.

Everyday worklife in our warehouse is super varied. The three colleagues are responsible for booking incoming and outgoing products, order picking, loading and unloading trucks and containers, returning articles as well as sending parcels and handing out tools to colleagues.

Christian explains why working at BELECTRIC is so special for him: "The ability of working independently and the variety of activities are what I have particularly appreciated about BELECTRIC and my job within the past 14 years.”