Social Media Post from May 24, 2023

They promised a lot in the job interview but then delivered little? 🤨🤷

Not us! Our People & Culture Team takes care of much more than just the recruiting of new colleagues. As in-house Happiness Managers, they work hard for the training and further education of #teambelectric 🎓, organise events 🎉 on site, keep an eye on health management 🩺 and ensure that the salary always arrives in the bank accounts 🤑 on time. They ensure that our colleagues get from A to B without any troubles on their business trips 🚗 and look after everyone’s well-being related to the Kolitzheim office 🏢 - from the reception 🛎️ and the canteen 🍽️ to the garden. 🌷 The friendly faces of Melanie, Vanessa, Markus, Lea, Franziska, Miriam (1st picture, top row from left), Alina, Viktoria, Julia, Klara (1st picture, bottom row from left), Heidrun, Natascha, Christine, Carola, Mario, Monika (2nd picture from left), Irene and Bernd (not pictured) will meet you not only during the application process, but throughout your time at the company.