Cutting edge PV and battery projects

BELECTRIC Solar Ltd. was established in 2010 and has grown to become one of the leading system integrators as well as EPC and O&M service providers in the United Kingdom. This development has largely been a result of longevity, quality, and commitment to delivering customised solutions.

Utilities, energy companies, developers, investment funds and banks across the country turn to BELECTRIC UK to deliver technical excellence in a consultative and clear manner – from early-stage development right through to operating stage. Our customers can rely on our UK team to deliver turnkey projects to the highest quality. In addition to providing operations and maintenance to all projects that we build, we are onboarding third-party projects to our O&M portfolio. We provide the full range of electrical maintenance and site services in-house to ensure that technical performance is translated into financial returns for our customers.

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MWp installed


PV power plants


in O&M
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Ground-mounted solar farms

We are specialised in the design, construction and operation of large-scale solar farms. After seven years of mainly focusing on O&M activities in the UK, we returned to the market as an EPC service provider with full force in 2022.


Operations & Maintenance

Our O&M service offers solar and battery storage system operators an all-in-one solution to secure and improve their systems. Our UK team provides O&M services for more than 25 PV power plants with a total installed capacity of over 300 MWp throughout the country.


Battery Storage Systems

We do not only support our customers in the field of photovoltaics, but also as a general contractor in the engineering and purchasing of battery storage solutions. On the UK market, hybrid systems are becoming increasingly important.


Our Team of Experts

BELECTRIC Solar Ltd. employs around 30 solar experts – from engineering and project management to site maintenance. Our global footprint, coupled with our UK team’s high-level relationships with key players in the solar and battery industry, give BELECTRIC Solar Ltd. access to a wealth of knowledge and leading manufacturers to enable them to deliver its services even in challenging situations.

Our ISO certifications

ISO 9001: Quality Management
ISO 14001: Environmental Management
ISO 45001: Occupational safety and health protection

Our latest projects

Euston – UK
Nominal capacity: 65.41 MWp Under construction
belectric-0407-15 (Conflicted copy from L001W4856 on 2021-03-04)
Wadebridge – UK
Installed capacity: 5.0 MWp Commissioning: 2013
Weston Longville – UK
Installed capacity: 10.5 MWp Commissioning: 2014
Landmead – UK
Nominal capacity: 46.00 MWp Commissioning: 2014
Pen-y-Cymoedd – Wales/UK
Capacity: 16 MWh Commissioning: 2019
Nevendon – UK
Power: 10.00 MW Capacity: 7.20 MWh Commissioning: 2018
Willenhall – UK
Power: 0.80 MW Capacity: 0.95 MWh Commissioning: 2016
Rolls Royce – UK
Nominal capacity: 2.69 MWp Commissioning: 2016