Limondale Site Journal

Construction of Australias biggest PV power plant

Belectric is building a new solar photovoltaic plant at Limondale with a installed capacity of 349 megawatts. This large-scale plant will be located in Australia at Balranald, New South Wales. The solar farm will be made up of approximately 872,000 panels and cover an area of 900 hectares which is equivalent in size to around 415 football fields. Full commercial operation is expected mid of 2020.



kWp installed capacity




square meter

Limondale Project


Construction update and Interviews

  • New pictures of the construction progress.
  • Interviews with project managers and engineers

Foundations for all 57 inverter stations complete

  • 35 of the inverter stations have so far been installed Cabling works are progressing well
  • The main transformer for the substation of the bigger second part of the site (Limondale 1) has been installed by grid operator TransGrid

First electricity exported

First electricity exported
  • The substation for the smaller first part of the site (Limondale 2) has successfully been energised and we generated the first electricity from Limondale on 12th August
  • Over one third of the solar farm’s 58,000 piles are now installed
  • The new O&M building and adjacent store are nearing completion, which will house Limondale’s operational team

Stunning facts and figures

Stunning facts and figures
From last weekly report:
  • 10,919 piles rammed
  • 82,470 modules installed
  • 22 MVPS installed
  • 22kV switch-room works ongoing
  • 14,816 metres of AC trenching complete
  • 5,595 metres of DC trenching complete

Commissioning works continue

  • The grid connection for the smaller first part of the site has been completed by grid operator TransGrid
  • Commissioning works on the smaller substation and the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system are progressing
  • Installation and connection works of PV panels and tracker systems continue

Module wiring commenced

  • PV panels and tracker systems that are already mechanically complete and inverter modules are now being electrically connected
  • Commissioning works on small substation started
  • The SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system is being set-up and tested. This will allow remote monitoring of the solar farm.

Construction update may 2019


Works for Limondale 1 have begun

Works for Limondale 1 have begun

Next steps

limondale -Sub-structure built for 3 blocks in Limondale 2
  • Sub-structure built for 3 blocks in Limondale 2
  • Trench from Trackers to 22KV switchroom completed
  • 22kv switchroom is in place
  • AC cables from field to switchroom have begun to be laid

PV panels ready for installation

Tracker installation at limondale project