Solar Performance Monitoring and Control

Make your data working harder for you

In order to always keep an eye on your power plant, BELECTRIC O&M relies on an in-house developed and future-proof Industry 4.0 infrastructure. All plant data from solar power plants and battery storage systems are displayed and analyzed in real time in the SCADA Control Center. The central interface is the heart of BELECTRIC O&M and allows direct access to important control mechanisms, if required. It informs the plant operators about all important power plant parameters, current on-site missions and important warning and error messages.

Big solar data and predictive analysis

For more than 10 years, BELECTRIC has set up its own control center, which since then has collected and analyzed plant data from all over the world. Based on the archived solar data and anonymized big data analysis, BELECTRIC is able to compare the operation of solar PV power plants. On this basis, we can advise our customers and rate their PV plants in regional comparison. BELECTRIC Solar Performance Monitoring is completely compatible with different kinds of SCADA systems.


Service Brochure

  1. Realtime performance monitoring
  2. Failure detection & diagnostics
  3. Dispatch of service teams
  4. Grid operator interface
  1. Irradiation-to-Power analyzing
  2. Big Data: Regional yield rating with anonymized PV stock data
  3. Analyzing hybrid power plants

Remote control
  1. Inverter system, MV/HV switchgears
  2. Power factor / Reactive power comp.
  3. Line drop compensation
  4. Power curtailment; ramp rate control
  5. Park shut-down/start-up

Predictive analysis
  1. Yield and energy forecasting
  2. Meteorological data processing
  3. Predictive maintenance dispatch
  4. Individual yield forecast reporting

Guarantee Management
  1. Response time guarantee
  2. Plant availability
  3. Product guarantees
  4. Performance ratio guarantee

Thanks to directly coupled data from maintenance works and component service, a Predictive O&M Analysis can be carried out. Selected assembly groups are monitored in order to notify on-site service team and to initiate countermeasures even before a possible loss of revenue. In addition, predictive analysis can reliably forecast future energy yields based on weather and irradiation data.