Commercial rooftop systems

Electricity from your own roof

BELECTRIC designs, projects and constructs photovoltaic systems on roof of buildings that are used for commercial purposes. In their project planning, our developers always use the current state of the PV technology.

Whether flat or pitched, with tiles or a corrugated sheet roof – our engineers find the perfect solution for your building.


The BELECTRIC all-in-one package:

  • 100% In-house: reliable execution by in-house assembly teams
  • Modern systems engineering ensures high energy outputs
  • Roof renovations and building up large roofs
  • Individual financing concepts
  • Long-term investment security
  • Cleaning of existing roof-mounted PV systems
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance package


Hourly more solar energy reaches the earth‘s surface than humankind consumes in one year – National Geographic



Photovoltaic Car Parks

Use the sun to finance your car park roof

BELECTRIC provides a unique and sophisticated photovoltaic roof system for your large car park facilities. Your company will benefit from increased customer satisfaction, while enabling the facility to become an environmentally friendly electricity producer.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Weather-protected parking
  • Barrier-free system design for ease of parking
  • Long term secured investment
  • Improved return on investment and energy harvest performance
  • Safe operation supported by BELECTRIC service package with online monitoring system
  • Reduced costs for snow removal, sweeping and exterior cleaning
  • Opportunity for weather-protected outdoor events
  • Visible expression of commitment to energy independence and sustainability
  • Optional integration of charging points for electric vehicles

Concepts will be generated to meet the requirements and the desired corporate image and aesthetics. Our team of architects will position your existing building into an overall concept so that your new car park is optimally integrated into the architectural environment. We use high quality industrial components and materials for the roof and substructure to ensure reliable operation over many years.


Planning & projecting

The sun under control

We offer our customers durable, robust components high-yielding and failsafe systems can be built up on. Due to the know-how we have gained as complete projectors, we are used to keeping sight of the holistic construction of the plant and to finding long-term solutions for any and all phases of installation and the subsequent operation of the solar plant from the very beginning.

  • Optimum matching of the inverter systems with PV module arrays to achieve the best performance ratio
  • Planning the substructure taking into consideration local wind and snow load
  • Individual adaption in accordance with the aesthetical and technical requirements

Photovoltaik systems for private households

Invest in your environment

Even roof surface areas of private homes are idle capital. With a solar system on your rooftop you can earn money, and at the same time you will make a valuable contribution to our environment. BELETRIC offers its entire service package not only to industrial and municipal customers but also to private customers.

Learn how our modern photovoltaic systems work and benefit from the advantages of a BELECTRIC PV system.


Realisation and installation

Photovoltaics perfectly put to work

The complete installation is reliably and quickly handled by our experienced team. State-of-the-art machinery and a smooth workflow of our BELECTRIC construction teams guarantee safety and stability of your photovoltaic system.

Special training of the staff members, an internal research and development department as well as numerous patents in solar engineering distinguish BELECTRIC not only as a competent but also as an innovative builder of photovoltaic systems on the roof.