EPC System Integrator

Success guaranteed from the very beginning

Sustainable, CO2-free solar energy production requires carefully thought-out concepts designed by experienced engineers.

BELECTRIC is your qualified partner for free-field solar power plants:

From the project development to the construction through the operational management of the solar power plant – every step will be realized 100 percent BELECTRIC. This is guaranteed by our global BELECTRIC teams of construction workers, engineers and service technicians.

The BELECTRIC Warranty

  • Individual project conception – perfectly fitting your requirements
  • System design and state-of-the-art failsafe power plant inverters
  • Interdisciplinary engineering teams with a broad wealth of experience gained in over 280 projects worldwide
  • Precise documentation of any and all measures
  • Real-time monitoring of all components of safe energy distribution up to the power supply network
  • Customized solution with hybrid power option and battery storage system to optimize grid quality


We design


1. Procurement and Project Logistics

Build on individuality when implementing your solar power plant: All the BELECTRIC staff members know that it is particular the planning and construction of solar power plants that requires an individual as well as a project-related way of thinking and acting.

Innovation as a factor of success.

BELECTRIC conducts continuous fundamental research in the field of solar energy production. To you and to your solar power plant this means: State-of-the-art and patented power plant engineering will provide maximum energy yields and secure your investment.

A stable and sustainable system is as strong as its components. This is why BELECTRIC focuses on system components of maximum quality:

  • BoS components from in-house industrial production ensure a reliable and cost-efficient procurement chain
  • High-yield PV module technologies of leading manufacturers
  • Fail safe and efficient inverter systems
  • Low-loss and durable 1500VDC cabling system
  • Controller units ensure detailed real-time monitoring on all system levels

2. Planning determines the success of the project

BELECTRIC has a cross-functional logistic system to ensure any and all works are smoothly performed during the construction phase and no unnecessary intermediate storage times occur. Their own production competencies and bulk storage capacities allow BELECTRIC to react quickly and flexibly to local and project-specific situations which may arise.


Not only the question of „How“ but also the question of „Where“  are crucial factors in project development. BELECTRIC’s in-house team of engineers and architects guarantee you an optimal project planning on the basis of site-specific 3D terrain models and CAD production pre-carriage schedules.
Furthermore, the entire documentation to obtain the building permission up to the approval of the energy supplier is part of our 360° service package.

3. The realisation of the solar power plant

A perfect planning and construction on time are the decisive factors for the success of a solar power plant. This is what BELECTRIC stands for with its experienced team. When installing the plant substructure, we use construction site equipment and machines developed by us and allowing quick, efficient and above all exact working.

  • Installation of solid steel and beams with precise construction site machinery, GPS and laser measuring systems.
  • Installation of photovoltaic modules on the substructure.
  • Installation of the electical systems and laying the 1500VDC cabling system.
  • Final system check to ensure the power power plant is ready for grid connection.
  • Connecting the power plant to the public high-voltage grid by BELECTRIC high-voltage electricians and the energy suppliers

Global footprint

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