Grid Connection

High-voltage engineering for Renewable Power Plants and Battery Storage

With its experience in over 300 solar power and battery storage projects the BELECTRIC grid connection division operates as a qualified partner for the grid integration of Renewable Energies at Medium (MV)- or High-Voltage (HV) level. Being power plant builder, we offer the complete electrotechnical connection of renewable plants including switching, transfer, and transformer stations, electrical substations and cable connections for up to 110 kV. We take care of project management, selecting the appropriate components and the complete commissioning as well as maintenance services.

BELECTRIC engineers are designing your individual grid connection concept along with its respective electric protection. We customize your grid connection considering your power supply company specific requirements. BELECTRIC ensures a qualified, consistent installation to provide a failure-free operation of your plant.


Engineering work for a failure-free power supply

Modern power plants require a coherent project planning, which takes environment-friendly as well as construction-regulatory aspects into account. We sort out official and geological provisions as well as existing infrastructure for our customers. The design, planning, control and supervision of all the steps along the way as well as the coordination with all the partners involved will be handled by us. BELECTRIC applies state-of-the-art technology components, to ensure that switchgears and cable routes in the areas of high and medium voltage operates reliable and economic. Modern measurement and testing procedures enable a failure-free electricity transport.

Our AC services:

  • Grid connection Medium- and High Voltage: Planning, delivery, construction and commissioning of network substations as walk-in or compact versions equipped with gas- or air-insulated switchgear for up to 36 kV, cable connections for up to 110 kV, electrotechnical components and electrical substations (0.4 kV to 110 kV)
  • Plant certification in accordance with the Renewable Energies Acts
  • Building and Civil Engineering: Secure and effective routing of electric networks
  • Protection Technology: Full range of protection testing equipment using state of the art testing procedures for low, medium, and high voltage operating plants
  • Maintenance and Reparation: Professional maintenance management
  • Cable testing and fault identification: Failure-free operation of high-, medium- and low-voltage grids
  • Power grid surveys: Preparation and analysis of public grid simulations for utility companies and industry

Benefit from our solid experience in more than 300 international projects.

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