3.0 MegaWattBlock® for solar power plants

The global benchmark in solar power generation

BELECTRIC’s 3.0 MegaWattBlock sets new standards in solar power production. The power plant unit is designed to create a solar power plant, that delivers power at the lowest possible levelized costs of electricity. On a par with the functionality of large conventional power plants, our grid-stabilizing power plant technology makes it possible to intelligently integrate renewable energy sources in existing power grids.

The 3.0 MegaWattBlock achieves an optimal space efficiency with its Triple Support design. For that the whole system design has been re-engineered. In addition to leading technology components of General Electric and First Solar the approved BELECTRIC grid stabilization system has been applied to this ac power unit. The MegaWattBlock based on a scalable system design in 2000kVA ac power units.


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The 3.0 MegaWattBlock at a glance

  • New Triple Support System Design
  • Stable performance through First Solar’s thin-film module technology
  • Advanced 1,500 Volt (DC) System
  • High-efficient, grid-stabilizing Power-Conditioning-Unit with General Electric inverter technology
  • Performance ratio of up to 85%