Technical Asset Management

Digital-assited O&M workflow for best reliability

For solar PV investors and operators who demand a comprehensive solution with rapid response and transparent reporting, BELECTRIC’s Technical Asset Management Service is just the right solution. The O&M service team can handle the whole technical operation of a solar PV power plant or battery storage system.

With the help of an IT-assisted asset management system, all maintenance activities are planned and executed on the basis of energy and availability impacts. In this way, the downtime of the power plants is reduced to a minimum and ensures long-term protection of the assets. Our inhouse-engineered asset management system not only improves workflow, but also ensures that everything is monitored and managed from day to day, from system monitoring and control to preventive and correct maintenance.

Technical asset management
  1. Performance supervision
  2. Performance reporting
  3. Dialogue with technology suppliers for PV plants optimization
  4. Framework agreements to leverage scale-effects
  5. Service reporting
  6. Spare parts management
  7. Warranty claim management
  8. Document Management System
  9. Periodic performance reviews
  10. Management of third party contractors


Service Brochure

BELECTRIC service is always working to secure the best outcome whether it is to minimize a cost, maximize a gain, mitigate a risk or realize an opportunity. Armed with plant data, long term experience to assess every situation, Technical Asset Management is a daily battle to reconcile practicalities with strategic objectives.