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For a sustainable success and to secure the environmentally-friendly energy generation as a alternative to fossile energy sources, BELECTRIC keeps working at new solutions in the field of photovoltaics. Affordable solar energy through photovoltaic systems worldwide, perfectly integrated into the public grid this is our focus. Therefore, it is recommended to combine existing energy sources with photovoltaics with hybrid energy systems.


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The greatest share of costs during the decades-long operation of a conventional power station are accounted for by the fuel and waste disposal costs. When operating a solar power plant with the sun as the energy source these expenses are omitted. The initial installation and repowering of the installation after 25 years account for the majority of the costs of the total investment.



BELECTRIC Solar & Battery GmbH is one of the most successful enterprises in the development and construction of utility scale solar power plants and energy storage systems. The company was established in 2001 and has been expanded to an international group with activities on all continents since then. BELECTRIC has constructed 400 solar PV power plants with more than 3 GWp PV capacity. In addition, the company realized battery energy storage systems and hybrid power solutions, which combines different technologies to autarkic systems. As one of the largest O&M providers globally, BELECTRIC’s full-integrated services provide continuous operation. State-of-the-art solar power plant technology and energy storage technology support the grid infrastructure and contribute to cost reductions in the energy sector. With numerous patents and innovations, BELECTRIC has proven its technological leadership in the industry