We design energy

As specialists in the field of „Photovoltaics”, the future technology, we always think a lot ahead. Our target is a sustainable change of the energy market. This is why we are working on photovoltaic technologies guaranteeing the best basis for an environmentally-friendly future worldwide.


BELECTRIC conducts interdisciplinary research in any and all relevant fields of solar PV plants and energy storage technologies:

  • Reduction of the charge of raw materials per kWh
  • Optimization of efficiency and reliability of photovoltaic systems
  • R&D of utility-scale energy storage systems for stabilization of regional power grids
  • Combination of fuel-based energy sources with photovoltaics in Hybrid Power Plants
  • Development of new construction machinery and tools for a quick project handling
  • Co-operation with energy suppliers and grid operators for an utmost environmentally-friendly and inexhaustible source of energy

It‘s not EPC, it is EPI

PV modules hold one of the main cost of a PV power plant. But over 60 % of system costs are generated by substructure, wiring, inverters and engineering and construction efforts. With its in-house capabilities BELECTRIC starts to think different and rework the traditional EPC process. As one of the leading PV technology companies it develops something real new: The PEG PV plant.