Battery Storage Systems

Storage Solutions for a Reliable Energy Supply


Battery storage will make an important contribution to the stability of future power grids which have a significant share of renewable energy. It will become more important as the renewable energy share will get larger in the future energy mix. BELECTRIC offers building-integrated and unit-based battery solutions which are designed for maximal scalability and flexibility. It can be adapted for today’s and tomorrow’s needs at local or national power grids, guaranteeing a stable grid, and even allowing more renewable energy in the near future.

Advantages of BELECTRIC energy storage:

  • Versatile system solutions for power industry, industrial, communal and commercial applications
  • High-power Li-Ion technology; AC output in multi megawatt range are possible
  • Comprehensive warranties over 10 or 20 years, guaranteed bankability
  • Up to 4,016kWh battery capacity; up to 1,500V system voltage
  • Building-integrated and high scalable, container-based solutions
  • Fully diagnosable local SCADA and central SCADA interface
  • Full integrated battery controller for inverter, BMS, HVAC, safety and data storage

The main areas of application of a storage unit are: Permanent frequency regulation, peak-shaving at high load or high feed-in periods, allocation of regulation energy for national grid operators as well as continual energy provision for off-grid applications:

Work together with BELECTRIC to implement a lucrative business model.

Thanks to its integrative overall concept, our battery storage solutions represents one of the most cost-efficient high performance battery storage systems on the market. The technical development, the stabilisation of our decentralised power grids and the integration into local micro-grids result attractive business models with excellent rate-of-return prospects for all kind of business.

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Sustainable, safe and fast as lightning. The BELECTRIC EBU  delivers 1300 kW  of power to your grid within a fraction of a second.




Titel photo: Vattenfall GmbH