News from Dec 17, 2021

BELECTRIC becomes part of Elevion Group and heads for further growth

  • BELECTRIC will become one of the flagships of Elevion Group’s expansion in the solar market

  • The merger with the Elevion Group means the possibility of significant synergies in the advanced energy solutions sector and access to new customers

  • The Elevion Group comprises 54 companies in 9 countries, employing more than 4,100 people

Kolitzheim (Germany) – BELECTRIC wins Elevion Group as new owner as it continues on its growth path. The Elevion Group is one of Germany’s largest companies in the field of modern energy solutions that focus on sustainability and climate neutrality.

The subject of the acquisition is a 100% stake in the German-based BELECTRIC GmbH and other European parts of the BELECTRIC Solar & Battery Group holding, such as BELECTRIC France SARL, BELECTRIC Solar Ltd, BELECTRIC Italia SRL, as well as BELECTRIC Israel Ltd.  The group develops, designs, builds, and services photovoltaic power plants. The acquisition is in line with the Elevion Group’s strategy that envisages covering the entire business chain in the field of climate-neutral solutions.

"The Elevion Group is one of Germany’s largest companies in the field of modern energy solutions that focus on sustainability and climate neutrality. In recent years, the Elevion Group has nearly doubled its turnover and executes thousands of projects per year. Our customers are very interested in producing their own climate-neutral electricity, thus we decided to team up with a very successful player in this field.  The German and the entire European photovoltaic market will continue to grow significantly and that creates huge opportunities for established companies like BELECTRIC that operate in the renewable energy construction sector”, says the CEO of Elevion Group, Jaroslav Macek.

Elevion Group BV is one of Europe’s leading energy service providers in the field of modern energy solutions that focus on sustainability and climate neutrality. Individual solutions that significantly support the sustainability of buildings and facilities are at the core of the services. Elevion Group belongs among Germany’s market leaders in this segment. The group currently is comprised of approximately 54 consolidated companies and employs more than 4,100 people at 87 locations in nine countries – in addition to Germany, these include the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and China.  Its aggregate turnover in 2020 amounted to EUR 608 million. Its customers include major players in the aviation, automotive, food, healthcare, and technology industries.  The owner of Elevion is ČEZ Group, one of the Top 10 companies in the European energy market.

The entry of Elevion Group into the European and Israeli part of the BELECTRIC holding also brings necessary stability for more than 500 employees. “We are looking forward to become part of the expanding Elevion Group, which is a well-known and respected specialist for innovative energy solutions in many industries in the German market.  We welcome the entry of a strong partner to successfully develop and build large solar projects to support the European energy transition, to jointly enter new markets and reach new customers”, says Ingo Alphéus, the CEO of BELECTRIC GmbH and other parts of BELECTRIC Solar & Battery Group acquired by Elevion Group.

BELECTRIC Solar & Battery was established in 2001 in Germany. Today, 20 years later, it is a global leader in photovoltaic power plant design, construction and operation. It was the first in the world in the solar sector to achieve an installed capacity of 1 GW through EPC construction. In total, the BELECTRIC Group has completed more than 400 photovoltaic projects with a capacity of more than 4 GW and provides services on 2.2 GW of power plants.

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