Press Release from Dec 20, 2021

BELECTRIC breaks the 4-GW-mark right on time for its 20th anniversary

  • BELECTRIC celebrates 20 years of company history

  • More than four gigawatts of solar capacity installed worldwide

Kolitzheim (Germany) – Just in time for its 20th anniversary, BELECTRIC crosses the mark of four gigawatts of installed solar capacity worldwide. The company was founded in 2001 and is one of the leading EPC service providers in the development and construction of open-space solar power plants.

At the turn of the millennium, solar energy was considered to be inefficient and expensive. Therefore, BELECTRIC was founded in 2001 with one goal: Turn the most expensive renewable energy source to date into the cheapest. Bernhard Beck, founder of Beck Energy GmbH, devoted himself to this challenge together with the companies S&F Umwelttechnik GmbH and Blitzstrom GmbH. From 2011 onwards, they operated under the joint umbrella brand BELECTRIC.

The success story of the now internationally known company began with the simplest means. “We used a tractor to build the first systems”, remembers longtime BELECTRIC employee Georg Lutsch. The mechanical supervisor has been with the company since 2003. Klaus Waldera, Senior Sales Expert at BELECTRIC and with the company since 2006, adds: “That was solar back then. But the team spirit was enormous from the beginning - and it remains until today."

With this mentality, BELECTRIC has since developed into an international company with more than 500 employees. From a floating solar power plant in Israel to one of the largest PV systems in Australia - within the last 20 years, the solar experts from Kolitzheim have installed over 460 PV systems worldwide. This makes BELECTRIC one of the leading EPC service providers in the development and construction of open-space solar power plants. BELECTRIC was the first company in the world to achieve the historic milestone of one gigawatt of installed capacity. With the recently commissioned 350 MWp solar park near Rajasthan in India, the company has now exceeded the threshold of four gigawatts of installed PV power just in time for the company's 20th anniversary. The course to five gigawatts has already been set as well: With a capacity of 172 MWp, BELECTRIC is currently building Germany’s largest, independent PV system in Tramm-Göthen in the north of the country.

Ingo Alphéus, CEO of BELECTRIC GmbH, explains: "My special thanks go to all employees who have significantly advanced the development of the company over the past 20 years and who have made BELECTRIC what we are today.”