Social Media Post from Jul 11, 2023

Belectrifact 💡

Did you know? The history of the sun as an energy source goes back to the 7th century BC! A lot has happened since then. Today, you can find the most exciting historical facts about solar energy in our "Belectrifact History Edition" 😉 .

🔴 700 BC: People are already using the sun to start fires.

🔴 1839: Physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovers the photoelectric effect.

🔴 1953: For the first time, solar energy as we know it today emerges. Bell Laboratories in the USA produces the first silicon-based PV panels that generate electricity with an efficiency of about 4-6 percent.

🔴 1958: Photovoltaics is used for the first time to power a satellite in space.

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