For a green future

We plan and install solar parks and floating PV systems for customers all over the world. In addition, hybrid plants combining PV and battery storage as well as agrivoltaics are also part of our portfolio. As a reliable partner for green electricity, we do not only supply high-quality products but also support our customers at all times.


Constructing and operation solar parks has been our core business for more than 20 years. With our large-scale systems, we make a significant contribution to achieving global climate goals.


We support our customers not only in the field of photovoltaics but also as a general contractor in the engineering and purchasing of battery storage solutions. We take care of the integration of different storage solutions into the overall hybrid system.


As one of the leading EPC providers, we harness our experience and transfer it from the ground to the water. Floating PV systems open up completely new possibilities, especially in countries where land is scarce.


We approach agrivoltaics with solar tracker systems installed beside the crops for an agricultural use between the rows. This helps farmers boosts their income and maintain a profitable and sustainable farm business.