3.0 MegaWattBlock® Hybrid

The best of two worlds.

BELECTRIC‘s 3.0 MegaWattBlock Hybrid sets new standards in hybrid energy production. Our patented hybrid power technology makes it possible to combine the benefits of fuel-based energy sources with climate-friendly solar power. In the same way as the proven MegaWattBlock the MegaWattBlock Hybrid represents the best-in-class standardization, optimization and grid integration. Furthermore it perfectly matches our customer’s demands and the world’s energy needs of a smart energy production around the clock in one power unit.


Best-in-class Hybrid Solutions for modern Power Grids

Energy Supply in Perfection. The MegaWattBlock Hybrid

  • One AC power block combining photovoltaics, energy storage and fuel-based power generation
  • Innovative battery system adjusts load variations and enables ancillary grid services
  • Independent energy production 24/7 with maximized use of fuelless solar power
  • Full Hybrid technology for best integration in on- or off-grid environments
  • Scalable power generation units with 2.000kVA
  • Optimized space efficiency with Triple Support Design