Customized Hybrid Systems

Integrated solutions to match your requirements

Hybrid Systems are a key to a cost-efficient, stable and sustainable power supply all around the globe. By combining different energy sources (e.g. solar energy, wind turbines, hydropower or diesel generators) it is possible to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, and, even more, the production costs of energy (LCoE). BELECTRIC Hybrid solutions are designed for all-size applications, ranging from one-digit kWp systems to Multi-MWp power plants and are fully adaptable to your power requirements.


Best-in-class Hybrid Solutions for modern Power Grids


  • Perfect integration into existing power environments
  • Hybrid Controller for a grid-stabilizing and cost-saving overall operation
  • Modular system design drives down investment costs
  • Integration of modern and reliable battery system
  • Combined power of renewable and fossil energy sources in one system