Operational management

Solarpower for a quarter of a century

With over 240 fully O&M monitored PV power facilities BELECTRIC’s service team has the expertise and O&M technology to ensure compliance and optimize system performance of solar assets. BELECTRIC’s O&M Control Center is equipped with a fully integrated real-time SCADA provided by PADCON. It enables a global visibility of all solar power plants and its maintenance activities. Advanced reporting functions allow operators, asset owners and other stakeholders to analyze historic and actual power plant performance.


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Over US$ 2 Billion of operational PV assets are under  BELECTRICs Service Contracts


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• Real-time data analyzing and visualization

• Remote inverter / Power Conversion Unit control

• Weather station and substation interface

• Historical data analysis

BELECTRIC power plant control:

• Controlling of Voltage (AVR), Frequency, Power factor, VAR

• Line drop compensation

• Power curtailment & ramp rate control

• Park shut-down/start-up

Since 2002 BELECTRIC offers service agreements for the international power utility market and independent power plant operators. We provide our customers O&M services at highest quality and reliability level with clear reporting, precise energy forecasting and optimal task scheduling.