Press release from Jun 04, 2019

BELECTRIC expands PV business in the Netherlands

  • Solar projects with a total installed capacity of more than 38 MW completed

  • Operations and maintenance service agreements secured

  • Installation of up to 50 MW planned for 2019

Kolitzheim, Germany – Since the company successfully entered the market in 2018, BELECTRIC has constructed the “Zonnepark Lange Runde” (14.2 MWp) and “Zeeland Refinery” (12.4 MWp) projects, two turn-key photovoltaic power stations in the Netherlands. In addition, BELECTRIC has been selected as the operations and maintenance service provider for the solar parks. The service agreements comprise remote system monitoring, regular inspections and on-site support in the event of faults. Furthermore BELECTRIC supplied several PV systems (total capacity 12 MWp) with the innovative PEG substructure system in the Limburg region. BELECTRIC has already signed the contracts for a further 7.5-MW PEG system.

“The Dutch solar market will evolve into one of the key PV markets in Europe over the next few years. Therefore, I am delighted that we have secured a firm foothold in this market and that our customers were happy with how we implemented our first PV projects here”, explains David Johann, Vice President Sales Netherlands, BELECTRIC Solar & Battery GmbH. “And that is only the beginning. In regions like Friesland, Flevoland and Zeeland, but also in North and South Holland there is plenty of potential for solar parks. We want to be one of the leading engineering companies in realising this potential.”

BELECTRIC is planning solar projects with a total capacity of up to 50 megawatts in the Netherlands this year, some of them with the PEG system.

Solar projects with a total installed capacity of more than 38 MW completed

The capacity of solar projects erected by BELECTRIC in the role of EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) service provider totals over 38 MW. The “Zonnepark Lange Runde” solar park with an installed capacity of 14.2 MWp was constructed in the Drenthe province, commissioned by Norwegian energy company Statkraft. This solar park is the first 1,500-volts system in the Benelux region. The system consists of over 118,000 solar collectors and generates enough green electricity to supply the equivalent of 4,000 households. The system has been operational since December 21st 2017 and the land is maintained by grazing sheep.
The PV system “Zeeland Refinery” with an installed capacity of 12.4 MWp was constructed by BELECTRIC for the company Total in the Zeeland province and commissioned in July 2018. The PV system consists of over 28,000 solar collectors and generates enough green electricity to supply the equivalent of 3,500 households.
The PV systems featuring the innovative PEG substructure have a total installed capacity of 12 MWp. Due to the lightweight construction of the PEG system, foundations are not required. Significantly reduced height and floor space, less material and a simple construction reduce labour costs and shorten the time period between planning and commissioning the system. A total of eleven systems were erected in the Limburg region in just a few weeks and construction was completed in March 2019. They produce enough climate-friendly electricity to supply the equivalent of 3,500 households.

About BELECTRIC: BELECTRIC Solar & Battery GmbH is one of the leading worldwide players in the development and construction of utility scale solar power plants and energy storage systems. The company was established in 2001 and has been expanded to an international group with activities on all continents since then. BELECTRIC has constructed more than 400 solar PV power plants with around 2.3 GWp PV capacity. In addition, the company realizes battery energy storage systems and hybrid power solutions, which combines different technologies to autarkic systems. As one of the largest O&M providers globally, BELECTRIC’s full-integrated services ensure continuous operation. State-of-the-art solar power plant technology and energy storage technology support the grid infrastructure and contribute to cost reductions in the energy sector. With numerous patents and innovations, BELECTRIC has proven its technological leadership in the industry. Further information can be found at