News from Mar 14, 2019

International Women’s day celebration at Pavagada site

On the day of International Women's Day [8th March], Belectric Photovoltaic India Pvt. Ltd. organized a get together for the office staff and a program for the Women Workers at Pavagada Solar Park (Thirumani Village). Jitendra Singh, CEO & Managing Director of BELECTRIC Photovoltaic India Pvt. Ltd paid tributes to all women out there by adding: “Women are the most important part of our lives and we at Belectric value their contribution above everything”

The program at the Pavagada Solar Park was inaugurated with inspirational speech by following Chief Guests, Smt. Nagamani (Panchayat Member, Vollur Village) & Shri. Rajendra Gupta (Project Head, Fortum Solar, esteemed client of Belectric) followed by Motivational Speech by Mr. Lav Gupta (HR Head, Belectric India), Mr. Anand KR, Mr. Danish Asrar & Mr. Sachin Roshan (Site Managers, Belectric). Belectric team in their speech encouraged the Women Workers to keep working with the Health & Safety Norms & also appreciated them for their special dedication & contribution made towards the project.

The program became all the more attractive when the Women Workers came forward & sang a very Inspirational Song in their local language which meant "Company & its Solar work should keep progressing" followed by a fantastic group folk dance performance by them. Belectric also gifted Saree & Flower to each of the Women Workers as a gesture of respect & acknowledgement to their contribution at work.

Not to miss the wonderful time the Ladies at the Office had!

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