Social Media Post from Oct 04, 2022

55 becomes 88 megawatts peak of solar power! ☀️⚡

In the Negev desert in Israel, we are #repowering the Halutziot solar farm for our customer Enlight. 180,000 modules will be replaced with 161,000 new high-performance modules. In addition, we are replacing inverters and transformers. With this retrofit work, we manage to increase the plant’s previous output from 55 MWp to 88 MWp. This makes Halutziot the largest repowering project in Israel. Once we have installed a battery storage system, it will also be one of the first hybrid projects in Israel combining solar energy and battery storage.

Curious yet? For more information, have a look at our press release:

We’d like to thank Enlight for the lovely photo.