Leading EPC and O&M

BELECTRIC Israel is the leading EPC and O&M service provider in the Israeli market and a pioneer in the field of floating photovoltaics. Our Israeli team combines the vast experience of a local team with global engineering and procurement know-how as well as support.

2019: Construction of Israel’s largest solar power plant (Zeélim, 120 MWp)

2020: Installation of our first floating photovoltaic plant

2023: So far, 6 floating PV plants have been built

And the best part? All of the projects were successfully delivered on the clock! At BELECTRIC Israel, our aim is to lead the country’s PV market as an innovative and reliable EPC partner to the Israeli developers.

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PV power plants


MWp installed


MWp in floating
Belectric Zeelim pv plant 120MW

Ground-mounted solar farms

We are specialised in the design, construction and operation of large-scale solar farms. Our Israeli team benefits from BELECTRIC’s activities in seven countries and a broad network of suppliers and partners.

Floating PV Gan HaShomron, ISR

Floating PV

With benchmark projects such as our floating systems in Lohamei HaGeta’ot or Ma’ayan Tzvi in Israel, we are now at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry. Our customers benefit from extensive know-how and a proven track record.


Operations & Maintenance

Our O&M service offers solar and battery storage system operators an all-in-one solution to secure and improve their systems. BELECTRIC Israel benefits from more than 20 years of global O&M experience in all climate zones.


Our Team of Experts

BELECTRIC Israel employs about 110 employees. From engineers and procurement specialists to project managers and O&M teams – each one of our solar experts has collected “on ground” experiences during various free field projects.

Our latest projects

Lohamei Schwimmende PV
Lohamei HaGeta’ot – Israel
Nominal capacity: 19.30 MWp Commissioning: 2022 Further information about our PV plant Lohamei HaGeta'ot can be found in our video.
Yesha – Israel
Nominal capacity: 7,00 MWp under construction
Sde Ilan – Israel
Nominal capacity: 11,00 MWp Commissioning: 2024
Reim – Israel
Nominal capacity: 9,00 MWp under construction
Halutziot – Israel
Nominal capacity: 88.00 MWp Repowered: 2023
Bik’ at Arad 3 – Israel
Nominal capacity: 30.00 MWp Commissioning: 2023
Bik’ at Arad 2 – Israel
Nominal capacity: 35.00 MWp Commissioning: 2023
Zikim – Israel
Nominal capacity: 8.86 MWp under construction
Revivim – Israel
Nominal capacity: 23.54 MWp Commissioning: 2023
Hatseva – Israel
Nominal capacity: 11.00 MWp Commissioning: 2023
Bik’ at Arad – Israel
Nominal capacity: 17.00 MWp Commissioning: 2023
Beit She'arim Schwimmende PV
Beit She’arim
Nominal capacity: 7.01 MWp Under construction
Floating PV Ma'ayan Tzvi, ISR
Ma’ayan Tzvi – Israel
Nominal capacity: 20.17 MWp Commissioning: 2022
Floating PV Gan HaShomron, ISR
Gan HaShomron – Israel
Nominal capacity: 4.80 MWp Commissioning: 2021 Witness how our Israeli team builds the floating PV system here!
Ashalim – Israel
Nominal capacity: 42.00 MWp Commissioning: 2022
Floating PV Hogla, ISR
Hogla – Israel
Nominal capacity: 1.75 MWp Commissioning: 2021
Hodaya Feb 22
Hodaya – Israel
Nominal capacity: 13.00 MWp Commissioning: 2022
Aerial view solar farm Gevim, ISR
Gevim – Israel
Nominal capacity: 26.70 MWp Commissioning: 2022
Floating PV Lavi, ISR
Lavi – Israel
Nominal capacity: 12.00 MWp Commissioning: 2022
Aerial view solar farm Zrachya, ISR
Zrachya – Israel
Nominal capacity: 11.16 MWp Commissioning: 2021
Aerial view solar farm Timna, ISR
Timna – Israel
Nominal capacity: 60.00 MWp Commissioning: 2020
Emek -Israel
Nominal capacity: 0,48 MWp Commissioning: 2020 Press release
Aerial view solar farm Shoresh, ISR
Shoresh – Israel
Nominal capacity: 27.00 MWp Commissioning: 2020
Zeelim – Israel
Nominal capacity: 120.00 MWp Commissioning: 2019 Further information about our PV plant Zeelim can be found in our video.
Peduim – Israel
Nominal capacity: 14.07 MWp Commissioning: 2018
aerial view solar farm Mefalsim, ISR
Mefalsim – Israel
Nominal capacity: 13.42 MWp Commissioning: 2018
Kfar Maimon
Kfar Maimon – Israel
Nominal capacity: 6.71 MWp Commissioning: 2018
Project_PV_plant_Tarabin und ein Zurim
Ein Zurim – Israel
Nominal capacity: 10.97 MWp Commissioning: 2018
Tarabin – Israel
Nominal capacity: 12.73 MWp Commissioning: 2018
Ashalim Sun – Israel
Nominal capacity: 35 MWp Commissioning: 2017
Lahav – Israel
Nominal capacity: 3.19 MWp Commissioning: 2014
Talmei Yosef
Talmei Yosef – Israel
Nominal capacity: 9.01 MWp Commissioning: 2014
Ne'ot Semadar
Ne`ot Semadar – Israel
Nominal capacity: 7.93 MWp Commissioning: 2014
Talmei Eliyahu – Israel
Nominal capacity: 9.99 MWp Commissioning: 2013
Bror Hayil – Israel
minal capacity: 8.79 MWp Commissioning: 2013
Talmei Bilu – Israel
Nominal capacity: 10.00 MWp Commissioning: 2013