BELECTRIC Netherlands

Focus on double land use

BELECTRIC is a leading player in the engineering, construction and maintenance of solar farms in the Netherlands.

From its German organisation, BELECTRIC serves the Dutch market with a large team of experts by drawing from global technical and procurement knowledge, experience and support.

Densely populated Netherlands requires handling land use with care. Until now that was achieved by building very compactly. For further growth, BELECTRIC focuses on double use of the land, for example through Agri-PV.

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MWp installed


constructed PV power plants


MWp in Operations & Maintenance
Grount-mounted solar farms

Ground-mounted solar farms

We are specialised in the design, construction and operation of large-scale solar farms. Our Netherlands team benefits from BELECTRIC’s activities in seven countries and a broad network of suppliers and partners.



Agri-PV becomes one of the spearheads in the Netherlands. It includes more solar energy in the agricultural environment so that it can be realised with less land use. BELECTRIC offers suitable solutions for this innovative concept.

Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Our O&M service offers solar and battery storage system operators an all-in-one solution to secure and improve their systems. Solar farms that we operate in the Dutch market benefit from more than 20 years of global O&M experience in all climate zones.


Our approach to Agri-PV

We approach Agri-PV with tracker systems that can be used in two different modes depending on the farming work. Within the standard operation mode, the trackers follow the flow of the sun. The farming mode allows a manual or automated positioning of the modules and therefore enough space for agricultural machines to pass through. It is especially useful for mowing, manuring and harvesting.

Our latest projects

Veenweg Ter Apel – Netherlands
Nominal capacity: 26.50 MWp under construction
Wijkerbroek Oost – Netherlands
Nominal capacity: 10.35 MWp under construction
De Stegenhoek – Netherlands
Nominal capacity: 7.52 MWp under construction
Wijkerbroek West – Netherlands
Nominal capacity: 7.98 MWp under construction
Coevorderkanaal – Netherlands
Nominal capacity: 13.10 MWp Commissioning: 2022
Losser – Netherlands
Nominal capacity: 26.90 MWp Commissioning: 2021 Curious? Find out more in our video.
Lochem II
Lochem II – Netherlands
Nominal capacity: 9.60 MWp Commissioning: 2021 Find out more about this project in our video!
Lochem I
Lochem I – Netherlands
Nominal capacity: 21.70 MWp Commissioning: 2022 Further information about our PV plant Lochem I can be found in our video.
Haringvliet – Netherlands
Nominal capacity: 38.00 MWp Commissioning: 2020 Read more ...