Project Development

Our 360 degree PV solution

We follow a holistic approach and develop our own projects in Germany. Therefore, all steps come from a single source – from the first contact to the construction of the PV systems. Our project development team is your direct contact during all project phases and is always on site if required. In close consultation with communes and landowners, the team selects the most suitable areas and obtains all the necessary permits. This enables us to create an all-round carefree package for everyone involved.

Scouting: Selection of the most suitable areas

Thanks to decades of experience, we know exactly what is important when it comes to potential building sites for solar power plants. BELECTRIC scouts examine the open spaces with regard to their suitability as well as their economic viability and record the existing infrastructure. In addition to a location analysis, our scouts also check for alternatives. This way, we select the most suitable area in the general interest. We attach particular importance to the integration of the PV systems into the existing landscape. We maintain close contact with municipalities and land owners alike and are your permanent contact throughout the entire process.

Permits: Construction management process in good hands

We coordinate the overall communication with public institutions and authorities. From the installation decision to the public display and the final building permit – we accompany the construction management process from start to finish. Not only do we obtain all the necessary permits, we also bear arising administrative costs. With a dismantling guarantee, we even secure the return of the construction site to its original form. Thanks to our comprehensive support from the initial discussion to commissioning, the personal effort for both municipalities and property owners is minimal.

Lease: A win for landowners, communes and nature

Leasing areas for solar power plants is a win for everyone involved. Landowners secure above-average rental earnings for 30 years and therefore a permanent income. If they tend to the greens as service providers, an additional income is possible. The communes themselves also earn money from our PV systems. Since the new EEG amendment in Germany, they are involved with up to 0.2 cents per kilowatt hour. For a 10 MWp solar farm, for example, that amounts to €20,000 per year. This is how we enable communes to achieve a profitable transition to 100% renewable energies – always in harmony with nature, because solar power plants create valuable retreats and support biodiversity.


“We design your project completely from a single source – from initial contact to completion. As a result, BELECTRIC serves as your competent contact partner who keeps you up to date from A to Z and always keeps an eye on everything. We respond flexibly to your wishes, work closely with communes and therefore ensure site-specific custom-made products and the best efficiency possible.”

Kathlyn-Fe Hollmann, Team Leader Project Development Germany

Our Partnering Business / M&A


Purchasing existing systems

We buy old existing solar power plants in order to integrate them into our portfolio or to upgrade them through repowering.


Cooperation with developers

From the lease agreement to the building permit – we buy project rights in the most diverse stages of development and work together with independent developers.


Project pipelines

We are also interested in larger project pipelines consisting of several projects.

Our self-commitment: Well planned PV plants

We signed the “Good Planning” self-commitment of The Association of Energy Market Innovators (bne). In doing so, we agree to integrate our PV systems into the existing landscape and to promote biodiversity. We also take responsibility towards communities, farmers and local citizens. Our self-declared goal is to make a positive contribution to climate protection, biodiversity, nature and environmental protection and rural development. This is what the bne seal stands for.


What defines us

Many years of experience: We bring more than 20 years of solar expertise to every project.

Activities worldwide, at home in Lower Franconia: We are experienced with regional as well as international projects.

Holistic: With us, all steps from development to construction of the PV systems come from a single source.

Carefree package: We even take care of service and maintenance work.