Our Corporate PhilosophyThe BELECTRIC vision for a green future

BELECTRIC’s corporate philosophy is to make a clear contribution to the energy transition with our daily work. As an innovative, medium-sized company, we foster acceptance of solar energy and strive for climate protection. Team spirit, respect, and philanthropy are just as much a part of our corporate culture as professionalism and sustainability. Our BELECTRIC vision and mission are therefore clearly defined.


Our BELECTRIC vision: We are a leading solar company for climate and environmentally friendly energy projects in Europe and Israel and make a clear contribution to the energy transition.

Our portfolio of services includes the development, execution and operation of solar power plants. In addition, we are front runners for new technologies such as storage solutions and hybrid plants. As an innovative, mid-sized company, we are well known for excellent work and quality delivered as well as for sustainable and custom-tailored solutions. Satisfying people that work for and with us is our greatest honour. Our goals are climate protection and providing a cost-effective and safe energy supply. We will leave the world a better place for future generations.

Sonnenaufgang hinter einer Solaranlage

Our mission: We are BELECTRIC! We foster acceptance of solar energy and therefore contribute to the success of the energy transition.

Our employees are experts in the execution and operation of value-added energy projects. We always develop the best solution for our national and international customers and ensure that project risks are manageable. We rely on digitalization and constant technical advancement to reach this goal. We are successful because we combine high quality standards with customer focus and the pursuit of continuous improvement. With this ability and our excellent know-how, we are committed to climate protection and an inexpensive and reliable energy supply.

Within the next five years, we will outperform the market with respect to growth and will enter new European markets. We are developing into one of the most attractive and sustainable employers in the solar industry.


Corporate Culture at BELECTRIC

We are a team

At BELECTRIC, we always achieve our goals together. We work hand in hand across departments and countries. No project on which we work successfully can be attributed to just one person in the company. It is always a joint effort of many hands. Our daily work is characterised by a strong team spirit and the will to better understand and appreciate the work of one another. We are BELECTRIC. A team.

We respect others

We are a multicultural, international team. We treat everyone with respect. This is important to us – because respect fosters trust. Trust leads to a good working atmosphere and is the cornerstone for excellent results.

We work goal-oriented

As a company, we pursue clear and transparent goals. It is important to us that every employee at BELECTRIC is aware of the company’s goals. We are committed to achieving them consequently. The contribution of each individual adds to the success of the company.

We treat each other
in a humane way

We at BELECTRIC encounter each other in an open and appreciative way. We help each other, even across departmental boundaries. Understanding, empathy and humanity characterise us. Our employees are the heart of our company.

What we do,
we do professionally

We are professionals when it comes to executing our projects, managing the company, dealing with challenging situations and leading employees. With our experience and know-how, we perform professionally at all times. We are characterised by the fact that we always find solutions and keep calm even in stormy moments.

We are open to
new things

We believe in the future. We show a constant willingness to change and an openness to new ideas and innovations. For us, this also means following promising trends and dealing intensively with new technologies. In midst of the pressure of our time to continuously change, we help each other break new grounds.

We act sustainably

Our corporate purpose is based on providing society with sustainable energy. Our actions in all aspects of our work must be just as sustainable. We always think about how we can improve our actions in terms of a healthy environment. This includes, in particular, a careful use of resources. We are open to suggestions that make us more sustainable as a company.

Leadership culture at BELECTRIC

We lead in a humane and fair fashion

We provide orientation and clarity

We lead with courage and determination

We challenge and promote others and ourselves

We create transparency

We are credible

We are role models