Social Media Post from Jun 29, 2023

Curious about the situation on our construction sites? 👀

Then click through the latest impressions of everyday work at our BELECTRIC construction sites. 👷🏻‍♂️

Today, we are taking you to #Deubach, #Oberrammersdorf and #Reddehausen (pictures from left). We are constructing solar farms with an installed capacity of 48.6 MWp (Deubach), 10.7 MWp (Oberrammersdorf) and 7.6 MWp (Reddehausen) there. In total, that's almost 123,000 modules that will convert sunlight into electricity once completed. 🔆

Would you like to know more about the construction of our solar farms?

Then take a look at our construction diary for the PV plant in Deubach. There we document the most important steps in the construction progress up to the completion of the ground-mounted solar plant. 🤩

This way:

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