Social Media Post from Feb 05, 2024

Did you know? Solar farms foster bird diversity 🐦🥰

A new study has analysed the effects of solar farms on the development of bird populations. 32 ground-mounted systems and 32 neighbouring control areas were examined in Slovakia. The result? Bird species richness and diversity were higher on the solar farms than on the control areas. 📈 The ground under the modules often remains free of snow in the winter months, making it easier for birds to find food. The substructure of the solar farms also provides nesting sites.

But even apart from this, measures to promote local #biodiversity are implemented on PV systems – as is the case at BELECTRIC. On our solar plant Deubach, for example, we used a special seed for the skylark. But our #solarfarm in Templin is even more impressive: Thanks to 3,000 bird nesting boxes and specially adapted mowing concepts, the endangered hoopoe, for example, is one of the most frequent visitors to the plant. 😍