Social Media Post from Nov 09, 2022

BELECTRIC energy-saving tips for the dark season 🔋💸

This weekend, the time change is upon us again! That means one hour less sun in the already gloomy winter time and therefore increased energy consumption! We've put together our top 4 sustainable energy-saving tips:

1. Switch to green electricity: You won't save electricity directly, but you will save a lot of CO2 and often even money, because in many regions green electricity is cheaper than electricity from the basic supplier. What's more, by switching to green electricity you are supporting the energy transition!

2. Use LED lamps and energy-saving lamps: A simple method to save a lot of electricity at home and reduce your annual electricity consumption by 520 kWh.

3. Switch off electronic devices completely: In Germany, standby operation causes electricity costs of around four billion euros per year. Our tip: switch off power strips!

4. Choose the best energy efficiency class for new electrical appliances: In the case of very old, but still functional appliances, it is still worth considering a new purchase, because here not only the electricity and water consumption, but also the CO2 balance should be taken into account.