Pressrelease from Sep 23, 2019

“I value the diverse tasks about BELECTRIC”

Franziska Meth, 21 years old, trainee office manager

Hello Franziska, how long have you been working at BELECTRIC?
I started my apprenticeship here on September 1, 2018.

What path led you to BELECTRIC?
Before that, I had already completed an apprenticeship as an ornamental plant gardener. It's a very interesting job, but standing outside in wind and weather wouldn't have been for me in the long run. I then became aware of the training opportunities at BELECTRIC via the IHK apprenticeship exchange.

In which department do you work, how many employees are in your team?
With us, the trainees go through a wide variety of departments. I've already worked in Project Implementation, the Vehicle Fleet, the Human Resources department - and I'm currently in Accounting.

What do you need for your job or what personal qualities are important for your position?
In the office you should be open-minded, friendly towards customers and colleagues as well as eager to learn.

How do you start in the morning at your workplace?
I drive to Kolitzheim from a small town north of Schweinfurt and am usually there around 7 a.m. Then I put on the coffee and start the computer.

How does the cooperation at BELECTRIC work?
It has always been very good in my previous stations. If I have questions, they are answered quickly. We are a very young company, where everyone is on first-name terms. Even as an apprentice, you are perceived as a full-fledged worker and involved in day-to-day business with responsible tasks.

What is particularly important to you in your work?
A good working atmosphere and a functioning teamwork. If that didn't fit in the long run, the fun would probably be gone quickly.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The enormous variety. Due to the frequent changes, you get a lot of good insights into the different departments.

Which three qualities would best describe you?
Outgoing, friendly and punctual.

What is your vision for your future at BELECTRIC?
If I were to draw a conclusion for this first year, I could well imagine staying here after the apprenticeship. Let's see what the future brings.

What has been your best experience at BELECTRIC so far?
I really like the activities that we as trainees do with each other. This includes, for example, baking cookies during the Advent season. We then use this to fill a Christmas bag for each employee. Sometimes we also do something with the trainees from PADCON and Jurchen, so that we can get to know each other better.

What advice do you have for new colleagues/apprentices?
Don't be afraid to approach your co-workers and ask questions. Everything is answered here and a lot of help is provided so that you can integrate well. I also found it very enriching to be able to exchange ideas closely with the other trainees.

Franziska, thank you very much for the interview!